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When the going gets tough mama….just get tougher!

When the going gets tough mama….just get tougher!

So tensions are definitely a bit high and things are a little fraught for some of our leaders at the moment. I said in my first blog how hard it can be for the families of the OT contestants and tonight we saw how Cathal’s wife Agi is really feeling the strain.


If there’s one thing I learnt since having Ellie, it’s the unwavering, overwhelming, power of a mother’s love. Obviously I never fully understood the expression until I became a mum. That protective feeling that bubbles inside you coupled with the absolute knowledge that you will do anything, including laying down your own life for your baby. It is a type of love that I had never felt before.


I really felt for Agi on tonights show on tonights show. I think she felt threatened because she thought she was being criticized for doing what she does best and that is being a great mum to her daughter Mya. She feeds her daughter food that is not on the OT food plan because she makes her Polish meals instead and always has done. In fact Agi is so concerned about the Irish diet and obesity in this country that she goes the extra mile to ensure what Mya eats is healthy, balanced and nutritious. The recipes are part of her culture and clearly it is totally her choice what she feeds her daughter.


And while things definitely got lost in translation, as Aoife meant no disrespect at all, when you think somebody is questioning you as a mum, the lioness inside you is going to roar. Hopefully Agi will see that working as a team is really important and that Aoife can adjust the meal plans or look at what might be some possible Polish recipes that would suit Cathal to continue his weight loss once the show is over. But to achieve that needs a sit down conversation and open communication.


Aristotle once said, “There is only one way to avoid criticism. Do nothing say nothing and be nothing.” That is certainly not Pam. The reason myself, Youghal and the whole of Ireland loves Pam is simply because, what you see is what you get. Pam could never be anyone else but herself and her honesty is what is endearing her to the whole nation. And she is knocking it out of the park too. When she felt criticised last week, she called it as she saw it, harboured that anger, channeled her energy and essentially gave everyone who doubted her, the two fingers. She has given up the fags, she is losing inches by the day and she is still the absolute craic to be around.


It is not easy opening up your very private life to the eyes of the nation and I think Paul’s mum Mary will be feeling that too after tonight’s show. But sometimes for people it takes an outside view to really get inside what is going on with those closest to them.

Next week is the half way point for our leaders so here’s to another great week with an army load of support to help them on their way.