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The Work Of Starting A Business

The Work Of Starting A Business

“Start your own business!”

You hear that cry a lot when people are talking about following their dreams and doing something with their lives. And with the arrival of the internet, social media and a new way of keeping in touch with audiences and markets, it’s certainly become the new normal. But starting a business is often not as easy as it sounds! I find that not very many people talk about the work of starting your own business, and what you need to drive and motivate yourself through a process that can be as gruelling as it can be rewarding!


What is obviously key when it comes to starting your own business is that you really need to be aware of how much time and effort goes into your enterprise — which is why it’s so very important to be doing something you love. For me, I have always wanted to do something where I could help people, watch them benefit from the work that I do. Being a part of such important and fundamental change has made my work incredibly rewarding and beneficial, both professionally and personally. Seeing transformations that have lasting results has made everything I’ve done to grow and develop my business entirely worth it.


Not only does it take passion for what you do and why you do it, but you also have to have the determination and will to want to bring your vision to life — I’ve travelled all around the world, spent years on the road doing bootcamps and creating a community of people who want to treat themselves better, be healthier and more productive in their lives. I knew I wanted to bring this back to Ireland, to let people here in my home country experience something life-transforming, and again, that has made all of the hard work worth it.


Every experience of starting a new business is different and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ bit of advice that I can give. But I think it’s safe to say that there is a fair amount of work involved in starting your own business, and if that’s all going to be worthwhile, then it’s important to do something you really care about, something that is fulfilling and rewarding, that will drive your motivation and determination to succeed. I wanted to be a part of important and positive changes in people’s lives, and I’ve turned that into my business — making all of the work, work for me!