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The Wicklow Way, the Easy Way

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The Wicklow Way, the Easy Way

When we took Ellie home from hospital and shut the front door behind us, I thought we might never leave the house again. That beautiful little love bubble of our new family felt like enough- the world outside could go on without us!

Fast forward 10 days and cabin fever had started to kick in! I was practically bouncing off the four walls to get out and show her the world. So off we went, out and about, slowly at first, but the fresh air felt good as both of us got stronger every day.

Linda, my sis came home when Ellie was 6 weeks old and we decided we would take our first road trip. We didn’t want to go too far so we packed up the car and hit the road to Wicklow. 40 minutes later we were meandering up the driveway of Druids Glen, past beautiful cherry blossom in full bloom. Ellie was still asleep and all was calm. The staff were fab and checked us in seamlessly, gave us both a glass of prosecco, a map of the walking trail and reassured us that anything we needed, we were just to ask. So far so good!


The sun was splitting the stones so we had lunch on the terrace al fresco. With full bellies we waddled rather than walked the trail skirting the golf course which, btw was grand to push the buggy along too. The trail is gorgeous with its of bridges and wooded areas to keep it interesting.


Dinner that night was gorgeous and the staff couldn’t have been any more accommodating making sure we had a corner table where Ellie was out of the way enough for me to relax but still in the thick of it. Nobody hushed us and in fact a few people popped over to say hi and congratulate us. An American lady even congratulated us both and wished us well on our partnership and how lucky Ellie was to have 2 mums. We both smiled at her and raised a glass.


The following day we headed for Powerscourt House stopping in Enniskerry for coffee in Poppys and an amble around. We then had lunch in Avoca, again outside looking out over the spectacular grounds. Spinach and ricotta filo pastry and a glass of sauvignon blanc. Utterly deelish! We tried heading down into the gardens but its definitely not the easiest terrain for buggies and at that point I hadn’t yet mastered the sling.


We were home by 7pm, and honestly both of us felt like we had had a long weekend away. So make the Wicklow Way the easy way for you and bubs.

Oh and here’s a few tips for road tripping with a baby.

1. Feed and change literally just before take off.
2. Don’t travel solo as first. A 2nd pair of hands is vital for your mental health, emergency melt downs and side of the dual carriageway nappy explosions.
3. Comfortable car seat. Ellie is in Be Safe which I got in Tony Kealys but is now growing out of it and will soon need a change.
4. Emergency Nappies and bottles which you never take out of the car.
5. Play around with tunes on the radio. I was hoping Ellie would love a bit of AcDc. Randomly and quite depressingly Declan Nurney stops the tears.