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Operation Transformation Final!

Operation Transformation Final!

We made it!!!!! The end of the Operation Transformation road for another year. Take a bow Jean, Pam, Siobhan, Cathal and Paul. What an amazing gang they have been and how amazing did they all look on the catwalk tonight? It was so great standing next to them in all their glam. After being in their lycra for months, believe me, they felt a million dollars with their spray tan applied, hair and make up done, proper underwear fitted and fabulous outfits to model.  Watching them sashaying down the catwalk in front of all their friends and family, the atmosphere was electric . I have to say Dearbhla Keenan and Norma Jean O Reilly from Brown Sugar on hair and make up did an incredible job and Klara Halpin from Arnotts who styled the five leaders absolutely nailed it.  A fair few celebratory scoops were had afterwards and as the saying goes, what happens in Copppers stays in Coppers!!

I think it is fair to say, this series of Operation transformation was one of the best yet. The ratings have been huge, with more people than ever tuning in.  After 12 years on TV, thats a pretty good result. I think as a nation we have really started to listen to the warning signs about our health and maybe we are finally getting our heads around the Irish obesity crisis. But more than that, I think people just want a connection again……They want to feel they are not on their own, whatever struggles they may be going through. And the Operation Transformation leaders connect people. They allow us into their heads, their hearts and their lives week after week, they explore their vulnerabilities and remind us all to look inside ourselves and do exactly the same.  Building connections, whether physical or psychological, is really about building a solid support system around you. It is so important. My biggest advise to people who are trying to change their lifestyle and create healthy habits is to surround yourself with people who are going to help you achieve that.


And if you really want to feel the power of support and connection, then the OT 5K in the Phoenix Park is a good place to start. 5000 people from the four corners of the country who turn out to run, jog and walk with our leaders over that finish line. It is an incredible energy and my favourite day of the whole series. Last Saturday morning was amazing. All our gang were feeling the nerves, particularly Siobhan who I was running with. I think because she is competitive by nature, the build up to an event like that, the growing crowd, the noise, the music, it can be very overwhelming.

She was also nursing an injured calf much more than she was letting on to Karl or any of the other experts because come hell or high water she was crossing that line. She pushed herself so hard that she actually vomited about 100 metres from the finish line…though none of the cameras saw that!! But I wont lie, I shed more than a few tears watching them all cross the finish line. The sense of achievement, the result of all their hard work, the recognition of how far they’ve come.


And so we come to the end. After 3,377,552 steps, 2058 kilometres, a total weight loss of 146.5 pounds weight loss and 138.5 inches, its time to say good bye to the five little ledge bags, as I call them! But this is just the start for them.  We’ll be keeping an eye on them all, especially Jean over the coming weeks and months. We wish her all the best but I think its clear for everyone to see, she is in a great place. If you could bottle that girls smile and positivity the world would be a better place. To Pam, Siobhan, Jean, Cathal and Paul, thank you for everything, go forth and conquer and always remember the reason people love you is because you are nobody else but you. It has been a total pleasure and I’ve loved every minute of it. x