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There are many things that make us uniquely Irish; our sense of humour, our laid-back nature, our appreciation of a pint and a song and our overall impact as a tiny nation on the world stage. When you bundle it altogether, the Irish are considered a pretty sound bunch of heads by others who look in from around the world. But there are also things that make us uniquely Irish that may not be considered the most positive of attributes. And we have lots of phrases to prove it. “The less said the better”  “Hauld your whisht”  “Say nothin’ ’til you hear more.” “Sweep it all under the carpet.” So though we are a nation of talkers, chatters, debaters and story tellers, when it actually comes to talking about our feelings…..well that’s a different sort of talking.


Watching Paul tonight find the strength to vocalise what he had been suppressing for more than 20 years was so moving and so powerful. And it took him standing in his jocks, on a TV programme in front of the entire country, laid bare. Only then could he garner the strength to do it. The reality is there was no where left to hide.

He said he felt like screaming but instead Paul started talking. He realised that if he wanted things to change, he had to be the one to put the wheels in motion. He unleashed his frustrations, his worries, his feelings about his Dads death, the pressures of the business, his massive sense of responsibility for his mother, his brothers, his wife, his staff. With it all out on the table he didn’t feel the need to scream anymore.

He described it as a weight lifted off his shoulders, a lightness, a clarity that he hadn’t had in years. All by just talking things out loud. Not giving a shit really about what others may think. he was done doing that. His family were almost as surprised as he was. But now with everything out on the table, they can all figure out together, how to best help him and the business going forward.  He also just text me before the show to give me his new “personal” mobile number. A massive move forward for him because now he has separated himself from his work phone for the first time ever.



I loved having the opportunity to talk to Cathals wife Agi this week too. I would say unlike the Irish, the Polish are very direct. They say what they think and let you know how they feel. Agi was pissed off. Listening to her, I learnt that she had been trying to get Cathal to eat healthier food for years. She cooks incredibly healthy Polish food for herself and Mya and up until now Cathal had decided it wasn’t for him. But again through a little bit of communication he now understands that compromise is required and that a multi cultural meal plan is the best outcome for


So, not only do we need to stand up and talk. We also need to stand up and work. I was amazed by the health benefit statistics of standing desks.  Paypal along with many other companies are introducing standing desks for their staff. I was also reading about new research from Nasa which has found that standing up for 2 minutes 16 times a day while at work is an effective way of maintaining bone and muscle density. And standing for as extra 30 minutes a day for a whole year means you’ll lose an estimated 5.2lbs. So on your feet lads, we need to talk!!