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Meeting Davina; Wellfest 2018

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Meeting Davina; Wellfest 2018

Well that was a blast. What an amazing 2 days of fun and fitness, topped off by meeting one of my all time favourite ladies, the coolest TV mama on the planet. Davina McCall (not that she even needs a surname anymore) is someone who I’ve always admired and when I was building my own TV career somebody I really looked up to. I love the way she has always been able to connect with people, no matter what the subject matter or situation. Whether that is the madness of Big Brother or the emotional rollercoaster that is Long Lost Families, Children in Need or her very frank Insta posts. She is real and relatable and thankfully didn’t disappoint when I met her in person.
My interview with her was probably the least professional Ive ever done as every five minutes on the Welltalk stage, I would blubber…”I just love you!!!!!!!” kind of like I was inflicted with some sort of fan girl tourrettes. She was super cool, much cooler than me, engaging the audience with hilarious stories and impromptu dance moves. I came away thanking God for the real people still left in this world who also manage to live a very real life on Instagram.

As women we need real women to look up to. Now more than ever, we need strong, relatable role models. What makes Davina exactly that is that she is not perfect. Even with her wash board abs, shiny hair and infectious smile, she has been very honest about her demons of the past. She struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and has spoken honestly about trying to be the best Mum she can be for her 3 kids since her marriage break up. You very much get the sense that she is a loyal friend to those she’s loves. And the most important thing to her is her family, friends and her health. The challenges she sets herself really aim to push herself outside her comfort zone. I admire that so much. I love the fact that she hasn’t let age stand in her way or slow her down.

We could all learn a thing or two from her. Smile brightly. Love strongly. Talk honestly. Dance wildly. Compete wholeheartedly. Live truthfully.