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Going For Growth

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Going For Growth

I was delighted to be chosen to take part in the Enterprise Ireland, Going for Growth Programme this year. I have spoken before about how proud I am to have created Pure Results Bootcamp and how amazing it has been to have a really supportive team who have helped me realise my dream. They always deliver and go above and beyond to ensure my clients have the best experience possible. We are 4 years in business now and have welcomed more than 1000 clients to our camps, helping them realise their weight loss and fitness goals.
But running your own business is tough. You are never off. You are always problem solving, and always trying to improve. You have to make big decisions and sometimes those decisions take you into the unknown. But that is how you learn and the only way you grow is by continuing to learn.
I really felt I would benefit from the mentoring programme. Surrounding myself with other women in business who may have been experiencing the same highs and lows as me, made a lot of sense, particularly when we would have the benefit of being guided by an incredible mentor. Going for Growth is designed to support women who are serious about growing their businesses. You have to be the owner manager of the company and have traded for at least two years. The initiative is based on interactive roundtable sessions that are facilitated, not by consultants, academics or professional trainers, but by successful entrepreneurs. And boy did we get a good one. Louise Phelan, Vice President of Global Operations EMEA for Paypal was our mentor. Honest, direct and to the point, we all knew straight away, nothing would be sugar coated and that she would say it as it is….all with the intention of helping us go our businesses over the 6 month programme.
So what did I learn? What were my biggest takeaways from the programme in terms of running a successful business?
Establish a system which allows for effective and efficient communication with staff.
Ensure your staff are held accountable for their work return.
Set realistic targets and hold people accountable to meeting them.
Give staff breathing space and responsibility in order to achieve their full potential.
Constantly review your KPI’s
If you were to sell your business in 2 years time, what does it look like?
Ask if your business meets the perception people have of it?
Always aim to be the best in class.
Get your business online and use your social media platforms correctly and with some thought.

I learnt so much from the other business women in my programme. Their difficulties, their successes, how they managed their teams and how they planned to grow year on year. And honestly it is in this environment where you gather confidence in yourself and your business to make the decisions that you may have been struggling with for months.

I cant recommend it enough to any woman out there who is happy to listen, happy to learn, happy to share and happy to grow their business. Thanks to the fabulous Louise Phelan and Paula Fitzsimmon and her team for the amazing opportunity. Good luck to the class of 2018!!