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Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail

Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail

That was definitely the take home message from last nights Operation Transformation. And it’s a big adjustment to implement lots of new lifestyle changes. Then try doing it with a camera crew five paces behind morning, noon and night!!

The first week is always the hardest because everything is so new; the weekly shop, the measuring food like a demented scientist, double and triple checking everything on the app or online. The energy on all that preparation alone requires stamina and thats before  the hard work begins!!! Seeing all the leaders do their first supermarket shop was gas; God love them I wanted to whizz the trolleys around for them while they sat down and grabbed a cup of coffee. But theres only one way to make new habits stick and that is by continually doing things for yourself. What is initially annoying and confusing and time consuming after a few weeks becomes a little easier until it becomes the norm and you don’t even bat an eye lid. No checking lists, no weighing ingredients. You just know what to do and get on with it.

One of my favourite moments from last nights show was watching Siobhan walking confidently into school the following day. Though she was absolutely bricking it in the carpark, she took a deep breath and pushes open those doors. The students of Luttrellstown community college were in awe of her. She had inspired them with her bravery but more so her honesty. I think she will have helped so many students not just in her own school but schools all over the country where teenagers are crippled with anxiety and low self esteem. I won’t lie, when they gave her a standing ovation in the classroom, I had to reach for the tissues….again!!! The message from her and also adaptive adventurer Nikki Bradley was simply this. Stop giving a damn what people think about you. Its a waste of precious time and energy. Live the life you want to live and surrounded yourself with people you love and respect and who love and respect you. Also, because we are programmed to think the worse, situations you imagine to be awful in your head never turn out like you think.


Also I really got a sense this week of how the leaders and their families are adjusting with a camera and a camera person following their every move inside and outside the home. This only intensifies as the weeks progress. People ask me all the time, how often are the cameras there? And literally, they are there all the time. A camera person moves to their local town or village, rent a house for 8 weeks and their job is to shadow the leaders all the time. Not for the faint hearted let me tell you. Especially when other family members  who lets remember, didn’t apply for the show but have to sacrifice their privacy for their loved one. I take me hat off to them too.


To all of you following the OT plan for the next 6 weeks, well done and keep it going. Thanks for all your messages on Instagram (@kathrynthomasofficial) and Twitter (@gokathrynthomas) and keep sending me all your results.