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All Winners….No Losers

All Winners….No Losers

I remember being in a bar in the States and trying to describe to someone what sort of a  TV show Operation Transformation was. The conversation went something like this


Me: “Its a weight loss show where 5 members of the pubic get weighed in every week and we see how much weight they lose by the end of the series”

THEM: “Oh so its the biggest loser”

ME: “Well, no, not really, We don’t lock them up. They go about their daily lives, the cameras follow them….there is no overall winner or any prize money. It’s really about health and wellbeing at the end of the day.”

THEM: “How the f*&% does that work? If they don’t win any money, why do they do it?”


ME: “Well, because they’ve reached a crossroads in their lives, they need a little bit of help and we’ve had great success simply by trying to help people  believe in themselves again”

THEM: “No shit, and there is no prize money and no winners?”

ME: “Well, Id like to think they are all winners”


Honestly, that conversation flashed into my mind so clearly as I was watching tonights show and it made me smile. There I was helping Siobhan set up her Tinder profile while Karl was waxing on to Paul about the huge health benefits of sex with his wife!  Some fella gets a free stand up desk. You then have Cathal entering the public speaking arena like a boss while Pam admits she doesn’t like her ear lobes while  telling Sumi to “shit off” . Throw in an ongoing campaign at government level to get calories visibly shown on menus, Ireland Lights Up with GAA and a rally to get 5000 people safely to the Phoenix Park on Saturday morning for the 5K and it is as far from a weight loss show like the Biggest Loser as you can get.


I genuinely believe the reason Operation Transformation is such a success is because  at its very core, it is a very Irish format. It is built  on character, community, conviction, conversation, comedy courage and compassion. Thats a lot of C’s I know.  But  I do believe we saw all of that in spades on tonights show as we have done every single week on Operation Transformation.  Yes, we want to be entertained when we watch TV  for sure, but if we can be  inspired, encouraged and motivated while also being entertained thats kind of a rarity.


I have said it before and Ill say it again. This years 5 leaders are just amazing. But they honestly could not have done all this without the support that they feel from you guys. I always get a little sad watching the penultimate show because I know its coming to an end but I also know it is only the start of a different life for our five leaders.


If you’ve got your race number, I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday in the Phoenix Park for the 5K run. That is a day where your support will not only be felt  but will physically get our leaders physically over the line. Then, wait till you see them in all of their their glam swag as they sashay down the catwalk.


The countdown is on………