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A leader, a lady and a beacon of light

A leader, a lady and a beacon of light

So, for the first time ever on Operation Transformation, our five leaders become four. When Jean told us she was pregnant, the whole OT team couldn’t have been any more elated for her. How could you not be happy for the most gorgeous couple in the world? Having a family is what Jean and Paddy have always wanted and hopefully this will be a dream come true for both of them.

But this was definitely not part of Jeans OT plan! She had wanted to take this time for herself, switch off from everything they had gone through and just concentrate  on feeling like herself again. But the world had a different plan for her!


Speaking out this early in her pregnancy  was not an easy decision for Jean, Paddy or their families. Considering the heartbreak they have already been through, having just very recently lost their beautiful baby daughter Sloane, they are aware more than anyone of the risk of miscarriage at 7 weeks. But in Jean’s own words, the speculation surrounding her absence from the show if she just disappeared would have been more stressful for her than actually just coming out and admitting that she is pregnant. She honestly feels that the support she has got from the four corners of the country since her OT journey began has helped her in more ways than she ever thought possible. Talking about her loss has helped Jean begin to try and cope with the grief of losing her baby girl and it has helped her begin to heal. She still has a long way to go but she feels thanks to you and thousands of others who watch the show that she has the strength now to get there. Not only has talking helped her personally but I really believe Jeans honesty will have helped thousands of women and men who are struggling to have a family of their own.


Like Jean, I suffered two miscarriages in the very early stages of pregnancy, and I decided to talk about it on the Late Late Show  because I really believe that women in Ireland need more support when it comes to dealing with their lost pregnancies and also to take away the stigma and secrecy that surrounds miscarriage. It is an horrific experience for any woman to go through but what is almost as bad is the feeling of embarrassment or the feeling that you have to make excuses to cover up such a devastating experience.

So this week, out of respect for the week that is in it, I’m going to keep this blog short.  But Ill finish by saying, what is right for one person might not be right for another. There will be people out there who wont agree with her decision and that is OK because we don’t have to agree with each other to be kind to each other. Jean switched off her phone before the programme even started tonight because she is doing what she should be doing, resting, relaxing sleeping and surrounding herself with the people she loves….not to mention she is also knackered and nauseous! So lets be sure to give them the space they need while also sending lots of positive thoughts their way because if anyone has felt the benefits of your positivity up to this point, its Jean and her family.